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A Software That Helps Children Learn English

As a part of the RightToRead initiative, ReadToMe is set to roll out in 1,00,000 Indian schools, covering at least 15 million children in 2018. ReadToMe is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based software that has improved learning outcomes for an estimated one million Indian students across eight Indian States in 2016-17. This tool helps underprivileged children learn English.

The U.S. Agency for International Funding and EnglishHelper, a company founded by social entrepreneur Mr. Venkat Srinivasan, funded the 2016-17 expansion with support from some corporate social responsibility funds and high net worth individuals. “EnglishHelper is going to fund the 2018 roll out target of 1,00,000 schools ourselves,” Mr. Srinivasan said.

As a part of the RightToRead initiative, EnglishHelper digitizes the English language learning textbooks, and develops them into more effective teaching material with the aim of improving written and spoken English. “The program trains itself on the curriculum-prescribed textbook. It then assists the teacher to focus on ensuring that students are learning and enables students to learn,” said Mr. Srinivasan.

The program does not require much and builds on existing infrastructure that has been previously provided to these schools. However, there are many that don’t have access to the necessary infrastructure. IL & FS Education and Technology Services, an arm of Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services, has a hardware product called K-Yan, which is a projector and a computer rolled into one. It is installed in schools that do not have infrastructure already for this project.

Finding quality teachers in rural areas has proven to be one of the most difficult challenges in teaching India’s underprivileged children how read and write in English. This technology “could solve the last mile problem”, Mr. Srinivasan said. The company is in talks with several State governments for expanding the program. The next stage in the technology is IntelligentTeacher, which will learn how a particular child learns.

“IntelligentTeacher will adapt teaching to the specific situation, let’s say, by introducing more visuals, or more explanations,” said Mr. Srinivasan. “The idea is to work with the natural interest and curiosity of the learner, within the curriculum, but that will be beyond the mere teaching of the existing textbooks.” Another program called WritingAssistant will help students write.

If you would like to know more about EnglishHelper and the RightToRead initiative, click on the link below.

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(April 2018)

About EnglishHelper

EnglishHelper is a social enterprise committed to using technology to enable people from across the world to improve written and spoken English. EnglishHelper offers unique technology-enabled English learning products that can be used online, on any smart device. EnglishHelper aims to be a global leader in the area of English language skills, providing innovative and effective products and services.

An Engaging Way to Learn English

In EnglishHelper’s free ‘Learn English’ program, there are six levels which have 20 modules each. You can listen to these modules at six different speeds. Listen and speak with the voice to improve your fluency.  This software helps people learn English and improve their spoken English.

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