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Startups Look at English Learning Market in India

There are now many people in India who are looking for online solutions to learn English. EnglishHelper is one of the companies that is looking to make a difference by tapping into the vast English learning market that exists in India.

According to the sources that The Passage interviewed for their article, companies are increasingly willing to spend money to ensure that their blue-collar employees improve their English speaking skills. This means that the need for affordable and convenient English learning solutions will also grow.

Beyond business, the article by The Passage said, “In India, the socio-economic status is often judged by a person’s fluency and knowledge of English, and for millions, the ability to communicate in English means they have a better chance of employability.”

EnglishHelper and the English Learning Market

EnglishHelper, a company that works with students in 27 out of 29 states in India, and over 2.5 million students globally under the RightToRead Program, recently introduced a new product – EnglishBolo™ – into the English learning market to help people in India improve their spoken English skills. EnglishBolo™ combines sophisticated AI integration in the back-end with a simple interface, as explained by Sanjay Gupta, EnglishHelper’s global CEO.

English Learning in Rural India

English Learning, EnglishHelper, EnglishBolo, RightToRead, ReadToMe, Spoken English, Learn English

Apart from building corporate partnerships in metro cities to promote the use of EnglishBolo™, EnglishHelper’s reach in India extends beyond 350 districts, which makes tier II, III, and IV cities one of its biggest markets. EnglishHelper designed a product called ReadToMe that improves reading, comprehension, and English speaking skills among students in India.

Under the RightToRead Program, ReadToMe has been implemented in over 12,000 schools in India. Gupta explained, “If you are from a rural area you can hardly find a good teacher. With the help of our technology, we are solving this problem. Now we have students from Aurangabad, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, etc. learning English right from their smartphones and desktops.”

The original article has been written and published by The Passage:

Startups Look At English Learning Market In India

(September 2018)

About EnglishHelper’s English Learning Solutions

EnglishHelper is a social enterprise committed to using technology to enable people from across the world to improve written and spoken English. The company offers unique technology-enabled English learning products that can be used online, on any smart device.

The organization aims to be a global leader in the area of English language skills, providing innovative and effective products and services. In EnglishHelper’s free ‘Learn English’ program, there are six levels which have 20 modules each. You can listen to these modules at six different speeds. Listen and speak with the voice to improve your fluency. This software helps people learn English and improve their spoken English.

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