AI-Enabled Reading is the New Norm

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A recent authored article written by Sanjay Gupta, Global CEO, EnglishHelper, and published by The Pioneer (September 25th, 2019) highlights the ineffectiveness of the Indian public school system. Sanjay talks about how students in early grades do not achieve the desired reading standards, which directly influences their ability to learn various subjects.

In his article, Sanjay urges the need to implement significant reforms. He suggests the introduction of tech-based methods to solve the reading challenge that plagues India’s greater than one million government schools

In order to address this challenge, Sanjay recommends adopting and integrating technology with the education system. He says, “The call for technology as an intervention is now a compulsion. There is increasing evidence of the transformational impact of intelligent technology intelligently deployed. For example, an AI technology program was introduced into 100 government schools just over five years ago. The software’s design was informed by research into how the brain responds to the task of learning a language. The software was trained to read the curriculum prescribed English textbooks. This enabled the use of the program during normal class hours.”

For those who are not exposed to using English in their daily lives, learning English can be really tough. English phonics can be confusing. To solve this problem, ReadToMe®, a software powered by AI, is making a big difference in the government school classrooms. Teachers find it easier to teach with the help of this AI platform; students are registering substantial gains. The success of the program has led to its on-going expansion to a 1,00,000 schools across the country.

Sanjay concludes with a call to action to deliver equal education opportunities to each child. He says, “The goal is to emphasize the scale and severity of the reading problem. Attempting to solve this using only the traditional chalk and talk method is an assured way of killing the dreams of millions of Indian children who are in school today. Technology can be integrated with the curriculum, can enable teaching effectiveness and can also adapt to each student’s needs at school and even beyond the classroom. The internet is nearly everywhere. Smartphones are in almost every hand. With the availability of proven AI technology solutions, there is absolutely no reason for even a single child to be left behind.”

The original article has been authored by Sanjay Gupta and has been published in The Pioneer.

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