Indian News and Times | English Language

Thought–Leadership Conference to Discuss and Deliberate on the Road Map for Technology Enabled English Language Learning in India Millions of children and youth across the country aspire to learn the English language. Can technology play a role in solving this problem effectively and efficiently? EnglishHelper partnered with IL&FS Education, to organize a thought-leadership conference on October 25th. Several global experts […]

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Deccan Herald | Spoken English

Kannada-Medium Students Learn Queen’s English the King’s Way Can a multi-sensory approach to English language learning prove to be more effective than traditional methods of teaching? ReadToMe has transformed the way children in several government schools across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, and five other states learn English. This revolutionary technology engages children on multiple levels and provides them with a digital learning […]

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Afternoon Dispatch & Courier | Learn English

Multi-Sensory Technology to Change the Way Millions Learn English Over the last decade, surveys conducted across government schools in India have highlighted a significant gap in the reading and comprehension ability of students. In 2013, EnglishHelper launched an initiative RightToRead, with the objective of improving reading and comprehension skills of students in government schools using technology. By 2016, RightToRead had […]

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