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About ReadToMe®

ReadToMe® is a multi-sensory AI reading and comprehension software. This AI platform is designed to assist K12 learners with their English language needs. ReadToMe® provides a multi-sensory learning environment which enhances engagement and increases retention of language learning. It allows learners to facilitate their language acquisition process in an individualized and efficient way, thus optimizing their language learning experience. The easy-to-use tools of this software help learners develop vocabulary, enhance comprehension and learn pronunciation.  The software can be used in the classroom as well as for self-learning.

What Is ReadToMe Student Edition?

COVID-19 has severely impacted the education system worldwide. Countries have had to implement complete closure of schools to contain the spread of the disease and protect children and staff. Under these circumstances, students will lose several months of academic learning. Hence, there is a need for a home-based learning system. 

ReadToMe Student Edition is a multi-sensory AI-enabled English reading and comprehension Android application for school students. ReadToMe® is trained to read curriculum prescribed textbooks. ReadToMe Student Edition allows students to access their school textbooks online. Students can practise English directly from the school textbooks on mobile phones. The application can be used by students anytime, anywhere. 

This AI platform is available for download on Play Store. Students in Maharashtra will be the first to practise English from their homes with ReadToMe Student Edition.

Tools That Make ReadToMe Student Edition Ideal For Learning At Home 

The application is designed to meet the English learning needs of students who self-learn at home. The application has several inbuilt tools to enable language acquisition and aid self-learning.

1. Pronunciation

The AI application is trained to read the textbooks and students can listen to the pronunciation of each word in a sentence. Students can practise pronunciation as many times as they desire. 

2. Dictionary

ReadToMe Student Edition has an inbuilt dictionary, which helps decode words. Students can find the meanings of words with just a click. 

3. Picture Dictionary

The picture dictionary feature of ReadToMe Student Edition helps students learn new words with the help of relevant pictures. When learning a second or third language, pictures can enhance the ability to develop vocabulary and improve comprehension.

4. Reading Speed

The reading speed of the application can be adjusted to suit the reading skills of the student. Adjusting the reading speed enables students to read along with the voice improving oral reading fluency and spoken English.

5. Translation

The ReadToMe Student Edition application provides translations in 22 vernaculars. This aids comprehension and helps develop vocabulary.

6. Spelling

Words in English are not always pronounced the way they are written. This makes remembering spellings difficult for non-native learners. ReadToMe Student Edition assists students with practising spelling of a chosen word.

Summing Up

School closures have impacted students worldwide. Students need to access resources that can assist in fulfilling their learning goals during this extraordinary crisis. Surveys conducted show that technology-aided learning can support self-learning among K12 students. 

ReadToMe Student Edition is an affordable solution to ensure students can achieve their learning goals while staying at home. It has various tools to support self-learning. When schools resume, students can continue using this application to supplement their classroom English learning. 

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