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Spoken English and India’s Reading Challenge

At EnglishHelper, we have always been obsessed with Education and the English language. Our Spoken English courses are designed with a keen understanding of our customers need. We believe that language is best learnt when it is in the context of the learners. Keeping this in mind, the content of each of our courses is designed to be relevant to […]

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English Language workouts can be byte-sized

Fitness experts will tell you that exercising regularly is crucial. Consistency is more important than intensity and duration. It is better to work out every day for 30 minutes than to spend 3 hours at the gym once a month. It is the same for English language workouts. Practise Regularly to Improve Your English Language Skills When you are practicing […]

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Learning English: Start at the Right Level

If you have never exercised at a gym before, it may not be a good idea to start your first day lifting 40-pound dumbbells. It would be better to start off with easier, shorter workouts and increase their difficulty and intensity as you find yourself getting stronger. It is the same with your English language learning workouts. When you are […]

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Your English Language Workout: Make It Fun!

When you are trying to improve your level of fitness, you must exercise and workout every day. In the same way, when you are trying to improve your spoken English skills, you must spend time practicing these skills every day. Think of it as your daily English language learning workout. To enjoy your English practice workouts, find content that is […]

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Multi-Task with Your English Language Learning

When you are trying to improve your English language skills, it is important for you to practice or work out every day. Earlier, we had suggested that the learning material you use should be interesting, so that you enjoy the process of learning as you practice English. Using Simple Passages to Improve Your English Language Skills Simple passages that you […]

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Am I Too Old to Learn English?

The short answer to this question is an emphatic “No!” A desire to learn has no age bar. You can learn English at any age. How Children Learn Research has shown that though there is a “critical period” in one’s childhood when it is easiest for people to pick up a new language, How Adults Learn The old belief that […]

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The Best Way to Learn English

Have you ever noticed how children learn their first language? They hear it spoken all around them and slowly pick up the words or labels for the different things that are important to them – water, apple, juice, toy, ball, shoes, milk, and of course, chocolate! Adults can learn English in the same way. Learning Through Phonetics To help children […]

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