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Children of Purulia Learn English with RightToRead

Picturesque and Passionate When we got off the train, the sun had just about risen in the sky, and we were greeted by a big yellow sign board that read ‘Purulia’. After piling into our ‘tuk-tuk’ with all our luggage, we moved through the narrow streets where vendors were setting up their mats on the side of the road with […]

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Writing Emails at Work | Improve English Grammar

If you are a working professional, it is likely that you have to send out quite a few emails – to your colleagues, seniors, customers, bosses, and so on. As your responsibilities increase in an organization, the number of emails you have to write only goes up. Every email needs attention. Every email needs to be well thought out and […]

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Improving Your English Speaking Skills

You have heard us say this before. In your journey to improve your English, focus on developing your skills in all aspects of the language – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW). Developing your skills in all aspects of the language will help you in improving your English speaking skills. Focused listening practice is a way to help develop your […]

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Simple Tips to Learn English at Home

Some Ways to Learn English If you want to learn English and aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. Start at home with some simple tips and tricks you can follow every day. Start from where you are today. The important thing is just to make a start. Here are some ideas to help you do just that! Read out Loud […]

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How ReadToMe Has Helped Improve Spoken English

Confident faces of Coimbatore In Coimbatore, sunshine was not just limited to the good weather but was found in every government school classroom. Beaming, confident faces looked back at us every time we entered a school. The students came to us and had full conversations in English. Their spoken English amazed us, and at same time made us aware of […]

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English Language | Fiddle and Fire

EnglishHelper and The English Language We have always been engaged in using technology in to teach the English Language. They can start our programs at their level by taking an English test, which ensures more effective English learning and improvement in spoken English, reading, comprehension, fluency, and confidence. Our goal is to make our programs affordable, convenient, fun to use, […]

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Every Child Can Learn English With RightToRead

An Introduction to RightToRead RightToRead was launched in 2013 in 100 government schools in 6 states covering 20,000 students. The main aim of this project is to help children learn English using innovative technology. RightToRead was an initial partnership between EnglishHelper and American India Foundation (AIF). Co-sponsored by USAID and in partnership with IL&FS Education and AIF. It was then […]

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Spoken English and India’s Reading Challenge

At EnglishHelper, we have always been obsessed with Education and the English language. Our Spoken English courses are designed with a keen understanding of our customers need. We believe that language is best learnt when it is in the context of the learners. Keeping this in mind, the content of each of our courses is designed to be relevant to […]

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English Language workouts can be byte-sized

Fitness experts will tell you that exercising regularly is crucial. Consistency is more important than intensity and duration. It is better to work out every day for 30 minutes than to spend 3 hours at the gym once a month. It is the same for English language workouts. Practise Regularly to Improve Your English Language Skills When you are practicing […]

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