4 Ways In Which ReadToMe® Can Help Students Cope With The Pandemic: Learning From Home

4 ways in which ReadToMe can help students cope with the pandemic learning from home

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused panic all around. Widespread closure of schools was essential to slow the spread of the pandemic and keep our children safe. Educators and students are challenged by the resultant ambiguity and the need to ensure continuity of education. The pandemic has demonstrated that education systems around the world were not prepared for such an emergency. 

Students are grounded at home. Many students who are first-generation learners cannot rely on academic support while they are away from school. Learning from home is not an option for many students. Technology may be the only way to provide quality education to these learners. Technology can be used in multiple ways to connect, learn and practise. Technology-enabled programs and tools can be presented in various ways. Students can learn in groups or in an individualized and interactive environment via computer or mobile devices.  

In India, a huge population of students come from backgrounds with little or no literacy and technology can provide them with an equitable opportunity. 

Learning English 

As per ASER 2016, less than 50% of school students can read a simple sentence in English. English is the second or third language prescribed by most state curriculums across India. For many English as a second or third language learners, practising and learning English is limited to school. With schools shut, these students are at a greater disadvantage. 

Learning English with ReadToMe®

ReadToMe® is a multi-sensory AI English reading and comprehension software.  This AI platform is designed on the basis of language learning tenets. ReadToMe® provides a multi-sensory learning environment which enhances the learners’ engagement and improves retention. 

ReadToMe® offers easy-to-use tools that help learners to develop their vocabulary, enhance comprehension and improve pronunciation. An important feature is that this technology can be adapted to local requirements. These include relevant accent of voice and the ability to translate words into vernacular. 

The software can be deployed on almost any device i.e. personal computers and laptops, Android phones and tablets. ReadToMe® can be used both online and offline. 

ReadToMe® in Schools – India And Worldwide

ReadToMe® powers the RightToRead initiative, which was launched in 2013 in 100 government schools. The software is now being used in 25,000 schools reaching 8 million students. When schools return to normalcy, project implementation will be resumed to reach 100,000 schools within 2020.

RightToRead is an evidence-based program. Assessments conducted in schools across India have demonstrated that students, in ReadToMe® enabled classrooms, improve beyond 50% in English reading and comprehension with sustained exposure to the program.

ReadToMe® – An Asset During the Lockdown!

How does this software help learners during this challenging period? 

No Additional Learning Resources

ReadToMe® is trained to read curriculum prescribed textbooks. Students can practise English directly from the school textbooks they read with the support of ReadToMe®. Students will be able to access their school textbooks online. No additional learning content is needed while learning from home. The software also has an inbuilt dictionary to aid the decoding of difficult words and phrases. The picture dictionary and translation tool make it easier for learning from home.

Individual or Group Learning

ReadToMe® provides the opportunity to either practise individually or study in groups. ReadToMe Student Edition can be used by individual students on their mobile phones or tablets. ReadToMe Virtual Classroom will allow teachers to conduct online classes for students in a group setting.

Learn At Your Own Pace

ReadToMe® allows learners to facilitate their own language acquisition process in an individualized and efficient way. Students can learn at their own pace. They are not restricted by the 40 minute school period. Students can revisit lessons and spend time as needed by them.  Learning from home will enable them to continue learning even in the midst of the pandemic

AI Supported Learning/ Instructed Learning

Language is learnt best in a multi-sensory environment using sight and sound to perceive, process and react to the intricacies of the language. ReadToMe® multi-sensory interactive learning creates an optimal learning environment beyond the classroom. Students are facilitated by the intelligent engine that supports each learner based on their learning habits and needs.

Over 1.5 billion learners are out of school resulting in a massive disruption to education. For millions of students, education is a hope for a brighter future. Continuing education through alternative learning models must be a top priority. It is also an opportunity to democratize education and provide equal opportunity to every child with the help of technology. ReadToMe® is a tool that is proven, affordable and can ensure that learning from home can be effectively accessed by all.

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