5 Ways In Which ReadToMe Student Edition Will Promote English Learning Among School Students

ReadToMe Student Edition

English Learning Crisis In India

The education system in India has gone through several changes in the past decades. Over the years, the number of schools has increased, ensuring increased access to education. Presently, India has over one million government schools. Over 60% of the 260 million children in school are enrolled with the public education system. However, there exists an “invisible problem” in the Indian education system. More than 50% of students in Grade 5 cannot read a Grade 2 text

COVID-19 Crisis And English Learning

Over 1.26 billion children worldwide (estimated by UNESCO) have been affected by school closures because of the pandemic. This is approximately 72% of the world’s student population. India contributes about 20% of these learners impacted by the current crisis.

Students in India come from diverse backgrounds. For some, the transition to online modes of learning has been easy. However, for the vast majority of Indian students, online learning is unknown or inaccessible. 

Under these circumstances, English learning also suffers significantly. More than 2/3rds of Indians live in rural areas. Research shows only 3% of rural India can speak fluently in English. Students in non-English literate households have no means to practise spoken English at home. Language learning which requires regular practice is being impeded in the times of the pandemic.

ReadToMe Student Edition

Can students continue learning English from their homes? ReadToMe Student Edition is an Android-based application which will enable students of all socio-economic segments to learn and practise English anytime, anywhere. The app is an extension of the software, ReadToMe® (School Edition), which has been extensively used across government schools in India. When schools closed because of the pandemic, students in nearly 25,000 government schools in India were reading their English textbooks in class with the help of ReadToMe®. 

Multi-sensory language learning supported by technology-enabled tools makes English learning easy. ReadToMe Student Edition is an easy-to-use, affordable app which enables students to read and comprehend their grade-wise English textbooks. 

5 Ways In Which ReadToMe Student Edition Will Support English Learning | Online Textbooks

1. AI-Enabled Learning (Language Learning Science)

Early learners and non-native speakers of English find it difficult to pronounce words and comprehend texts in English. ReadToMe® helps overcome these challenges. The software is trained to read textbooks with supporting resources to enable reading and comprehension by the students.

ReadToMe® provides a multi-sensory learning environment which enhances the learners’ engagement and improves the ability to retain new learning. 

2. Encourages Self-Learning

Most of the government school students are first-generation learners. They depend solely on school for their academic needs. ReadToMe Student Edition allows students to practise English at home without parental or teacher assistance. 

Self-learning using technology is a great way to prepare the young for a future that is expected to be dominated by the need to constantly upgrade or re-skill in a rapidly transforming world.

3. No Additional Textbooks 

ReadToMe Student Edition bridges the gap between the classroom and online learning. The application is trained to read the textbooks and assist students in reading and comprehending their lessons.  ReadToMe Student Edition allows students to access their school textbooks online.

This application is available on android mobile devices and can be used from anywhere, anytime. No need for additional worksheets or exercises. Students can dedicate extra time to learn English without worrying about lagging behind in terms of syllabus completion. 

4. Compatible With School Academic Calendar

In the pandemic or post-pandemic times, students can continue to learn from ReadToMe Student Edition without having to compromise on their academic calendar. They can practise the same lessons that are being taught in school, with greater emphasis on improving their oral reading and spoken English. 

5. Multiple Tools In One App

ReadToMe Student Edition boasts of a variety of learning tools. The 6 principal tools that give the application an edge include – Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, Translation, Spellings, Pronunciation and Reading Speed. These tools enable self-learning among students. The tools are easy to use and do not require any extra training.


The implications of school closures in the country are manifold. Students are grounded at home and are often unable to practise English on their own. Therefore, it is likely, by the time normalcy is restored, students may be far behind in their learning goals.  

ReadToMe Student Edition is an affordable solution to ensure students can continue learning curriculum-aligned English at home. This multi-sensory AI learning platform helps students with English reading and comprehension. In addition, students will gain oral reading and spoken English skills. When schools resume normal operations, students can continue to use the app to supplement their learning at school. Self-learning using technology is helping achieve today’s goals while building useful habits for the demands of the future ahead.

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