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EdTech Initiative Deployed in Schools of Himachal Pradesh

The RightToRead Program Aims At Improving English Literacy Using EdTech In Himachal Pradesh, almost 15 lakh children are enrolled in school. The state has introduced the study of English as a second language from grade 1. Though Himachal Pradesh has achieved a literacy rate of beyond 80%, surveys indicate learning English is still a challenge, especially for students in government […]

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An EdTech Revolution in Maharashtra- RightToRead Initiative

The RightToRead Journey Began in Maharashtra with 125 Schools in 3 Districts: The Beginning Of An EdTech Revolution In 2014, the RightToRead program was launched in 3 districts of Maharashtra. The initial pilot of this ed-tech project was implemented in partnership with Social Empowerment and Economic Development Society (SEEDS) in 125 schools of Aurangabad, Beed, Jalna. This was a stepping […]

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English Proficiency in Gujarat with ReadToMe®

English Proficiency – RightToRead in Gujarat – How it Began In 2014, the RightToRead program was launched in Gujarat, in 80 government schools in partnership with American India Foundation. The initiative was supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In 2016-17, an independent impact assessment by a qualified assessment agency was conducted. The tests revealed there was […]

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Learning English at School is Fun and Exciting with ReadToMe®

RightToRead in Karnataka – Learning English in the Early Days Learning English is a challenge across the country. In Karnataka, many initiatives have been introduced to improve English reading and comprehension of government school students. The RightToRead program was implemented in the state in 2013 by EnglishHelper in partnership with American India Foundation.   The RightToRead Initiative: English Learning Initiative […]

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Learn English with These Quiz Questions!

How is your English language learning experience going? Till now, we have written many blogs with tips and trick to help you learn English and improve your spoken English. We now want to help you test your skills with some simple quiz questions! We have designed five quiz questions to help you test your spelling skills. The more you read […]

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Refine Your Spoken English Skills for an Interview

Got an interview call letter and wondering how to prepare for it? It is important to make a good impression in an interview. Good spoken English skills are important, but that’s the not the only thing that matters. Getting an interview call may mean that you have the basic knowledge and skills that are required for the job. However, you […]

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English Language | Commonly Confused Words

If you are trying to learn English, you may have noticed that the English language is full of confusing words. Some words might confuse you because they sound the same but are spelled differently. The English Language is also filled with many words that have similar meanings, which makes them easy to misuse. The more you read and practice the […]

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More Than Spoken English – 6 Must Haves!

Having proper Spoken English skills can help you get good job opportunities. Finding the right job is difficult enough. However, finding one and maximizing your success in it is probably even more challenging. Besides having a new environment to put your spoken English skills to the test, you will have to master being an effective employee. That brings us to […]

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English Grammar | Introduction to Verbs

Verbs are one of the first things we learn about when we begin to study English language. When you begin to learn English, you would have come across verbs many times while studying English grammar. What is a Verb? A verb is an action word. Verbs tell us what nouns do and are one of the building blocks of English […]

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