ReadToMe®: Teachers, Software & Learning English

ReadToMe:Teacher, software and learning english

ReadToMe® is a multi-sensory reading and comprehension AI software. 

ReadToMe® provides a multi-sensory learning environment which enhances engagement and increases retention. The easy-to-use tools of this software help learners develop vocabulary, enhance comprehension and learn pronunciation.  

The software can be used in the classroom as well as for self-learning.

ReadToMe®: Teachers # 1 Pick! 

ReadToMe School Edition is deployed in 25,000 schools reaching 8 million students. Teachers using ReadToMe® report enhanced effectiveness because students enjoy the multi-sensory learning experience. Student engagement improves retention and learning. Since the software enables the reading of prescribed English textbooks, syllabus goals are achieved easily. 

English teacher Anita Noite shares, “the students from the rural areas face problems while reading and pronouncing English language words. With the help of ReadToMe® tools such as translation, read aloud and word-meaning, students are encouraged to pronounce and speak English correctly.” Pronunciations are no longer difficult with the help of the multi-sensory software, ReadToMe®.

Veena is an English teacher with over a decade of teaching experience. She has been using ReadToMe® for over three years. She says, “I find ReadToMe® very effective, as it creates interest in the subject, enhances students’ pronunciation and improves their English reading and English writing skills.”

Teachers recommend ReadToMe® because it is easy to use, requires little technological know-how, aids in syllabus completion and its use is integrated into the normal school timetable. Teachers teaching English using ReadToMe® agree that multi-sensory learning is the best way to learn a new language.

As schools remain shut during the global pandemic, teachers and students are both concerned about learning goals. Technology-enabled learning accessible from the homes of students seems to be the most viable solution. 

ReadToMe Student Edition

ReadToMe Student Edition is an Android-based application which will enable students of all socio-economic segments to learn and practise English anytime, anywhere. ReadToMe Student Edition is a multi-sensory AI reading and comprehension app aimed at enabling English learning at home. ReadToMe Student Edition allows students to access their school textbooks online. It is an affordable solution that helps students with English reading and comprehension.

ReadToMe Student Edition is now available for download on Play Store. Students in Maharashtra will be the first to practise English from their homes with ReadToMe Student Edition.

ReadToMe Student Edition has brought the ReadToMe classroom experience of students to their homes. Teachers have made use of this software in classrooms across the country and elsewhere. They have seen changes in the English learning ability of their students. Assessments conducted over the years have also validated the gains delivered from using the software. Students learning English with ReadToMe have shown an improvement of around 40% over their counterparts not exposed to the program.

ReadToMe® is used by thousands of teachers to support English language learning in classrooms.  With the software now available on Android devices, students can learn English with ReadToMe Student Edition anywhere, anytime. The app will not only help students practise English during the times of the pandemic, but also supplement classroom learning when schools reopen. English learning will now be supported by technology in the classroom and at homes. 

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