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Spoken English | Qualities Hiring Leaders Look for

The process of hiring begins with either the creation of a new role in the business or when an existing incumbent vacates their position. Generally, managers tend to look externally if they are unable to find a person suitable for the role from within the organization. However, spoken English is a key quality that a recruiter looks for in any […]

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How Hobbies Can Help Improve Your Spoken English

We understand that learning English or improving your spoken English can be challenging. Sometimes you can lose motivation during this process. Trying new study methods to continue your English language learning experience can be a good idea. Using new study methods can go a long way in helping you learn how to speak English fluently. Using Your Hobbies to Help […]

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English Speaking | First Round of the Interview

The first round of interview is typically the first step in the hiring process. It is a way for the employer to find the most qualified applicants for the job. In many companies, the first interview is often a screening interview or first cut job interview. It is conducted by a recruiter. Many first interviews are far less thorough than […]

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Learn English with Technology

In today’s world, most workplaces have been affected by technology. One of the areas that has a lot to gain from the use of technology is education and language learning. All over the world, computers have gained access to classrooms and are changing the way we think about education. When we think about how technology can benefit language learning, we […]

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Scripted by Chance

A note from the author: “A number of our young suffer poor quality of school education. Those who make it through to higher education are often subject to high cost and yet questionable learning outcomes. We offer learning English as an immediate, remedial intervention. One day, we hope, the education system will be transformed – if not by social action, […]

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Learning English: Correct Usage of Who and Whom?

Last Sunday I decided to give my brain a break from learning English and English grammar, and what could be a better distraction than tuning in to a rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Comedy Central? All is well, nostalgia is running high, my brain is comfortably at rest until Monica mocks Ross for correcting people’s grammar: “Pfft ‘It’s whom, not who’… […]

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English Grammar | Using Possessive Nouns

This is our third and final discussion on nouns and English Grammar for the time being! If you have not read our last two blog posts on nouns, here are the links. You will find it helpful to read these in sequence. In this blog, we want to talk about using possessive nouns, article usage, and making a […]

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Improve Spoken English for Your First Day at a Job

Got a new job? That’s something to celebrate and be excited about, but don’t forget to prepare for your first day at your new workplace! Here are some tips we think will help. First impressions matter. This can lead to some nervousness on your first day because of the heightened pressure to perform. This is completely normal! On the very […]

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Mansoor’s Monsoon

A note from the author: “English opens doors to knowledge, to networks, to jobs and to other possibilities. We must support efforts to enable people to learn English, acquire spoken English skills, master the English grammar to write better. Mansoor’s story is a real-life reason why.” Mansoor’s Monsoon This is a story of a young man; of hope and possibilities. […]

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