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English Conversation | British vs American English

Whenever I come across an English conversation on the differences between American and British English, I picture these two great nations arguing over the ‘u’ in color, while the rest of the world looks on in confusion. Well, this one goes out to those of us looking on in confusion. It turns out that despite sharing a common language, there […]

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Our Compulsion for Choice

A note from the author: “We offer technology enabled English learning. Our methodology enables reading and comprehension. Our technology supports multi-sensory learning of the English language. Learners are able to read and speak concurrently. We use this method to help people improve their spoken English skills. Too many young children do not have access to resources that help them learn […]

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Learning English – It Is Not Always About the Rules!

How do so many people across the globe start learning English? The first language we learn is our mother tongue – at home, with friends, in school. As we listen and speak, we learn our native language even before we begin reading and writing. Learning to read in our mother tongue is easy. In early classes, teachers use words we […]

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Why Not Ask Why?

A note from the author: “We are engaged in the business of helping people learn English. We offer programs to improve English writing. We enable people improve their spoken English. We work in schools, with youth and assist company employees communicate in English confidently. Through our work we get to see much more than would be otherwise visible. We see […]

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Improve Your Spoken English With Literature – ll

Enhance Your Spoken English We are continuing our countdown of our favorite books written by female authors in 2017! We hope these recommendations will encourage you to read more, because it is such a great way to improve your spoken English and English grammar. If you have not read our first post about it, here it is again: ‘Sofia […]

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Read the Newspaper to Improve Your Spoken English

Some of our previous blog posts about improving writing skills, stresses upon the importance of becoming a regular reader. While there is an abundant supply of reading material, the most handy and easily available reading source is the newspaper. Reading newspapers daily is a habit that keeps us informed about world politics and current affairs. It is also a reliable […]

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Get a Part-Time Job with Improved English Speaking 

Are you wondering about the possibility of earning while you study? Are you looking to gain some industry experience? Then a part-time job is the right option for you. A part-time job is more than earning some extra cash; it can give a person the competitive edge that he or she needs to get better jobs in the future. In […]

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Learn English to Improve Your Writing

Improving your written English is a process that must be developed over time through a combination of practice, feedback, and extensive reading. Learning to write skillfully may not have a one-size-fits-all set of rules, however if you try to learn English regularly, you’re writing can improve. But here are some common tips to help you get started! Practice daily Pick […]

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English Conversation and Other Internship Skills

Many employers like to hire interns as it gives them a chance to observe potential employees closely at work before deciding to offer them permanent positions. Internships can also be great for people who are trying to decide if an organization will be an interesting and engaging place for them. So, in many ways, an internship is a perfect opportunity […]

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